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Alfa Laval experts answer common questions about the CultureOne separation platform and its unique potential.

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The CultureOne machine is a single-use technology that can reduce the amount of filters required by up to 60-80%. This means you can save money, resources, and waste material with the CultureOne. It has a platform for future increases in batch volumes and cell densities, while still minimizing the ecological footprint. In this video, we will show you how the CultureOne machine can help you achieve your biopharma goals with sustainability and efficiency.

With Alfa Laval, you can safely migrate from our stainless-steel separators to our single-use separators with the CultureOne range. Whether you need a pilot plant or GMP production, we have a range that covers all your needs in single-use cell harvesting. In this video, we will show you how the CultureOne range can provide you with real capacity for your biopharma process. 

The CultureOne machine is a small, stand-alone, and easy to setup device that can help you do experiments in almost any environment. We have a great cooperation with universities and national innovation initiatives, like GeneNova. In this video, we will show you how the CultureOne machine can help you achieve your biopharma goals with flexibility and innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about this solution.

How does CultureOne ensure data integrity and connectivity?

You can choose between standalone or centralized system, with suitable levels for monitor and control. You can enjoy open software, which ensures full accessibility to connect data historian or DCS. You can develop customized software to run on platforms. And you can achieve data integrity with complete compliance 21 CFR Part 11. 

This range can help you reduce your flushing and chemical consumption by 80%, saving you money and resources. In this video, we will show you how the CultureOne range can make your biopharma process more efficient and sustainable. 

CultureOne can handle large batches and high cell densities. This range offers you an adaptable high-capacity solution that can process over 200 million cells per milliliter and up to 700 liters per hour. This means you can save time and money as you scale up your biopharma process.

The Alfa Laval CultureOne centrifuge range can make your validation, qualification and GMP production easier. You can get Alfa Laval’s expert support, standardized commissioning tests, and mechanical training and commissioning. Watch this video to see how the CultureOne centrifuge range can improve your biopharma process.

Real scalability in biopharma processing

With the introduction of CultureOne, the same exceptional separation performance can be achieved at every scale of biopharmaceutical processing.

Proven for GMP production

With product recovery yields up to 99%, CultureOne is the GMP-ready solution for cell culture harvesting at every scale.

Superior performance with a smaller footprint

CultureOne provides higher product yields than other single-use biopharma separators – in a compact format.

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With CultureOne separators, you can get the most out of your harvested product. Our separators deliver higher product yields than other single-use technology, with yields up to 99%.

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