Today there are huge opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. New, more efficient thermal technologies are making it possible to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, emissions. At the same time, greenhouse gases emitted from traditional refrigerants can now be eliminated by switching to natural alternatives like ammonia or, paradoxically, CO2 itself.

With knowledge gained from 90 years of experience with plate heat exchanger technology, Alfa Laval has developed a broad portfolio of heat exchanger solutions that are enabling new sustainable possibilities in both commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Contact us today to learn how our solutions increase efficiency by up to 10%, resulting in around 5500 GWh of annual energy savings. We can also support you with unique solutions for resolving the challenges of switching to natural refrigerants.


White paper: Cómo prosperar en el cambiante sector de los refrigerantes

Actualmente se está produciendo una gran transformación en el sector de los refrigerantes. Buscando proteger el medio ambiente, las leyes se orientan a la eliminación gradual de los refrigerantes tradicionales a favor de nuevas alternativas con menor potencial de calentamiento global (GWP). Descargue este libro blanco, un manual básico sobre la selección y adaptación de refrigerantes alternativos para diversas aplicaciones de calentamiento y refrigeración.

Customer case: Expertise on the refrigerants of tomorrow

Learn why refrigeration experts Bort de Graaf have chosen Alfa Laval semi-welded technology for their ammonia/CO2 cascade systems. In addition to providing reliable protection against leaks, next-generation features like CurveFlow™ ensure the market’s highest thermal performance.



See the numbers: refrigeration energy efficiency potential

Did you know that millions of Alfa Laval heat exchangers are installed today in refrigeration applications all over the world? Combined, they help our customers save over 5.5 TWh of electrical power every year! That translates to an over 1-million-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

In fact, if efficient Alfa Laval solutions were used in all new installations, we could reduce emissions by a further 144,000 tonnes. That’s like getting rid of 470 flights between London and Singapore!

Want to learn more about how Alfa Laval can maximize the energy efficiency of various refrigeration applications? Download our infographics to see more numbers.

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Our solutions

Alfa Laval AlfaNova

Most plate heat exchangers used in commercial or small capacity industrial refrigeration are constructed with copper brazing. While suitable for many applications, this reacts negatively with ammonia, which is an important natural refrigerant. Built with our unique fusion bonding method, AlfaNova is the market’s only truly 100% stainless steel plate heat exchanger. It therefore offers a highly compact and efficient solution for cooling of very clean, sensitive liquids and when taking advantage of the low- GWP potential of ammonia.

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Alfa Laval semi-welded plate heat exchangers

For refrigeration systems used in industrial refrigeration applications, our compact semi-welded heat exchangers enable even higher efficiency and reliability when using ammonia as a low-GWP refrigerant. Alfa Laval semi-welded heat exchangers are also the heat exchanger of choice in cascade systems operating with CO2 as a secondary medium for freezing applications, reducing ammonia charge while preventing the risk of cross-contamination with their proven RefTight™ sealing system.

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Alfa Laval brazed plate exchangers

Our copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are a compact, efficient, and maintenance-free solution for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensing in numerous refrigeration applications and with most types of environmentally friendly, low-GWP refrigerants. This includes important natural refrigerants like CO2 and hydrocarbons. Each unit is designed for optimized operation, with a range of unique features that ensure both superior thermal performance and maximum reliability.

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Commercial refrigeration

Alfa Laval’s wide range of heat exchangers is found in numerous residential and commercial climate applications – including air conditioning (chillers), tap-water heating (boiler/solar), heat pumps and transport refrigeration.

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Industrial refrigeration

From industrial freezing and cooling to refrigeration of ice rinks and food processes, Alfa Laval offers the latest, energy-efficient plate heat exchanger solutions. For the food industry we offer highly efficient air coolers that can be combined with plate heat exchangers.

Applications range from cooling in slaughter houses and fish and meat processing areas, to climate control in storage rooms for fresh food.

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