The FCM One Oil is designed to condition conventional marine fuel oils but does more than match fuel cleanliness, pressure, temperature, viscosity and flow rate to engine specifications. It can also be configured to handle multiple fuels, produce fuel blends and manage the automatic changeover between them.

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The FCM One Oil can meet the full range of fuel conditioning needs, from the basic to the most advanced. The chosen features, including all necessary heating and cooling functions, are integrated into a single booster module with one controller and a unified algorithm.

One reliable solution

The FCM One Oil’s smooth ramping of viscosity and temperature ensures an efficient changeover process. Changeover is unaffected by engine load, and the fuel viscosity is kept in a very tight range, even during changeover to or from distillates. This means there are no interruptions.

One-button access to fuels, changeover functions, process data and more is provided by the FCM One Oil’s intuitive control system. In addition, there are advanced options that enable work with energy efficiency throughout the fuel supply system.

One compact module

The FCM One Oil is built on a compact frame with rear connections, complete with piping, valves, cables and accessories. A centrally placed cabinet contains the starters for all motors, as well as the advanced process controller.

Safe and efficient fuel changeover

With one controller and one unified algorithm, the FCM One Oil provides smooth ramping of fuel temperature and viscosity at any engine load. Viscosity is kept in a very tight range, even when switching between residuals and distillates. So there are no interruptions, which ensure a shorter changeover that consumes less expensive distillate.

Fuel blending on board

For vessels that blend fuels on board, the FCM One Oil offers convenience and safety. Working with the defined fuels and a given sulphur target, the FCM One Oil can calculate the ideal blend, mix the fuels and manage the changeover from the current fuel.

Regulatory compliance

The option of an Electronic Fuel Record Book provides peace of mind with all fuels. When chosen, the FCM One Oil records fuel and changeover parameters with a time stamp and GPS data for easy presentation to authorities.

Energy efficiency functions

The FCM One Oil also has options for working with energy efficiency throughout the fuel supply system. VFD-based control of the fuel supply pumps minimizes their energy use according to engine load. And engine-specific monitoring of fuel consumption – with pulsations taken into account – allows accurate and early detection of engine efficiency losses.