Alfa Laval - Tratamiento de aguas y residuos industriales

Tratamiento de aguas y residuos industriales

La mayoría de los procesos industriales generan residuos que deben ser tratados o eliminados, con el inconveniente de las estrictas regulaciones para las empresas. Por ello, la capacidad de tratar los residuos y reducir la cantidad a eliminar es esencial para mantener el nivel de producción ó ampliar la capacidad. Alfa Laval ofrece una variedad en el tratamiento de residuos solidos y de agua residual in situ, junto con recuperación de agua, calor y productos unificados para sus procesos.

Waste water treatment plant

Turn waste into value

See what you can gain from on-site water and waste treatment - and calculate your savings!Turn waste into value with Alfa Laval solutions

Wastewater - an untapped water resource

More and more realise that wastewater can also be a valuable water resource. There are many good reasons to consider reusing biologically treated municipal and industrial wastewater: Increase water resources, reduce intake of new water and limit effluent flow loads to sewers.

Reclaimed water can be used for numerous applications e.g. industrial process water, cooling towers and wash water; surface irrigation of crops, vineyards and golf courses; recreation lakes, wetlands, wildlife habitat and stream augmentation and ground water recharge.

Water treated with Alfa Laval MBR and AS-H Iso-Disc filtration systems can even be used as potable water if a final polishing step e.g. UV radiation, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, active coal, ozone or chlorine is added.